Welcome to eNOT COIN

Utility token in the ecosystem of products
eNOT Galaxy
based on TON blockchain.

We make our own software products to popularise cryptocurrencies.

eNOT has fair distribution model. I means no: ICO, any type of sales (private or public), investors offers, funds, etc. It costs as much as people want to pay for it on the market...

Smart contract in minter: EQCSn3u..Oqs


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    How to Buy?

    eNOT COIN are best purchased and sold through DEXs, and more ...

    Who we are?

    We are full-stack developers, finance and marketing teams

    What we do?

    We make software products, based on TON blockchain

    What we plan?

    Using our token eNOT with our own products

    Tokens total supply: 8 888 888

    Our Tokenomics, with wallets of founders, locked untill 12.31.2024.

    Current Supply


    Team (Locked)




    AirDrop & Burn




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    Workspace Desktop
    • 24 Feb 2024
    • eNOT COIN
    • Market

    eNOT is listed on DeDust

    Now you easily buy our eNOT COIN on DeDust DEX.

    • 22 Feb 2024

      eNOT Invest Game

      eNOT Invest Auction

      Launch of two new products: eNOT Invest Game is a Telegram bot to invest eNOT COIN in characters to earn coins and play games. Already there are more then 1 000 players! eNOT Invest Auction is a Telegram bot to make bids with eNOT COIN and win more.

    • 24 Jan 2024

      eNOT Air 1.0 & eNOT Jet 1.0

      Launch of two new products: eNOT Air is a Telegram bot to collect TON Wallets for Airdrop participants, and eNOT Jet is util for fast transfers of TON based coins to Aridrop wallets.

    • 16 Jan 2024

      First eNOT was made and created Telegram Channel

      Come to or channel, to get free eNOTs trought Airdrops and events.
      Link: eNOT CLUB.